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Google Analytics Goals: How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Any conversion starts with a goal. There're 4 different goal types in Google Analytics:

  • Destination: used when a specific location is laoded. For example a "thank you for registering" page
  • Duration: used when a session lasts for a specific amount of time or more. For example visitors spend 10 minutes (within a 30 minute session) or more on a support site
  • Pages/Screens per session: used when a specific number of pages are viewed. For example, 5 pages or screen have been loaded (again within a 30 minute session)
  • Event: used when a specific event is trggered. For example when a video is played or an article is shared

Goals are grouped into sets of up to 5 individual ones. Goal sets allow you to categorize the different types of goals for your site.

In addition to the goal types described above, GA provides an alternative conversion tracking method called Smart Goals which are specifically designed to help AdWords advertisers. Learn more about Smart Goals.

Note that we can assign a monetary value to the conversion. Each time the goal is completed, this amount is recorded and seen in your report as the Goal Value.

Here is a goal set example for a saas website like momently.com:

Goal Id 1 / Goal Set 1:
Name: Engaged Users (Time)
Type: session duration > 1min

Goal Id 2 / Goal Set 1:
Name: Engaged Users (PPS)
Type: pages per session > 1

Goal Id 3 / Goal Set 1:
Name: Registrations
Type: destination = '/'

For registrations we had to add a funnel when setting up the goal to only record visits to '/' from '/signup' to distinguish new signups from returning visitors who login to see '/'


Goal Id 4 / Goal Set 1:
Name: Entered Checkout
Type: destination = '/checkout'

Goal Id 5 / Goal Set 1:
Name: Purchase Completed
Type: destination = '/thanks'

Goal completion rates and reports can be found under the Conversions tab in Google Analytics. To learn more on how to use Goals to find your content ROI, read this post:

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI with Google Analytics


Google Analytics Goals: How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

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