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Meet our new suite: Momently Insights

Data by itself rarely provides the insight to truly drive a business forward. You need to spend hours to sift through piles of data to come up with just one or two key insights and even longer to share and act on that new understanding. In a constantly-connected world, where readers can access content anywhere, anytime, this lag in time-to-insight is costly.

That's why we're excited to announce that we're providing a new stream of automated insights in Momently. This addition to Momently Reports lets you see in seconds what might have taken hours to discover previously.

Designed as a cleanly visualized, richly insightful experience, Momently's Insight Report is delivered to your inbox daily. Each Report contains data visualizations and automated insights, so you can quickly see what's notable in your data.


This is the information that Momently was already tracking, but we've now found a smarter way to pull useful insights from beneath the surface and present it in an easy to read card format. So you don't need to click around to different pages to find information, and you're less likely to overlook important changes in the data.

For larger publishers that have a data analyst or team of analysts, these insights help to "scale up". And for smaller publishers that can't afford their own analysts, this approach brings possiblity of having data analysts accessible to them and bring in insights that otherwise they would miss.

For examaple, if your website/app had a sudden jump in new users, Insights Report will highlight that, and tell you where those users came from. Or if you're an editor, it can tell you which one of your stories had the biggest rise in engagement.

With Momently insights not only you can identify hidden opportunities, but you can understand more about your content's performance over time and easily share this information with collegues. You can go beyond simple reporting to view findings and insights automatically, in language you can read: our insight report enables faster, more informed decision-making that can have real impact on your business.

Our approach was to take the things an expert does and put it into a product. There's anomaly detection, there's a combination of techniques to surface opportunities hidden in the data. This is just one step in the evolution in Momently, which is moving towards "more actionable insights, and less data".

To get started, just click on Daily Insights under the Reporting tab in Momently and schedule your insight report in just one click. Go ahead — take our new suite for a spin.

Meet our new suite: Momently Insights

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