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Campaign Reporting

Momently Campaign Report

Campaign Reporting

Momently’s campaign reporting tool grew out of a content marketing team in need of a tool that wouldn’t disrupt their production workflow and give them the ability to report on campaigns anytime during the course of a campaign (or even after it is over) — a solution that wouldn’t require setting up third party scripts or generating tracking links every time they create campaigns.

Momently's new campaign reporting tool delivers all that plus some.

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Step 1

Connect your native & social platforms

Momently collects both user data and media assets from your native and social platforms and provides a complete data toolkit for when you want to create reports. We integrate with Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ad Manager — more to come.

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Momently campaign reporting data flow

Step 2

Create campaigns anytime

Your native and social content will be indexed and saved as soon as it's published. That means you can create a campaign anytime you want — even when the campaign is over.

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Momently campaign reporting tool

Step 3

Share campaign report with your clients

You can either share the live report URL with your clients or generate a branded pdf report and send it through email. Our campaign reporting tool integrates with a multitude of analytics platform including Momently Content Analytics — helping your clients understand how your content engages readers and helps them grow their audience.

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