It’s been over 10 years since we started our first company fresh out of school. As non-software engineers we’ve come a long way since then, adopting various technologies, programming languages, and frameworks one after another. From the good old days of using in-house servers, to serverless architecture on the cloud! And now we’re hosted on a distributed, global content delivery network (CDN) with edge locations in every global region - deployed on AWS's serverless infrastructure to meet the highest standards for reliability - and to ensure the integrity of your data.

During all these years we’ve had the opportunity to work on pretty cool projects - a social networking website for fashion bloggers to tag their clothes (a bit ahead of its time :), an e-commerce aggregator and search engine for clothing, an editorial analytics dashboard, and a content recommendation AI engine for publishers. 

We’re now excited to share our latest product: a campaign reporting platform - a new breed of report builder that lets marketers and publishers showcase their work and build custom reports in seconds. 

The sponsored campaign reporting problem

What problem do we solve? There are numerous reporting and analytics tools for marketers - Google Analytics & Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, SproutSocial, DashThis, etc - but none of them quite scratch the itch when it comes to client reporting. Almost all of the analytics tools in the market offer data dashboards with charts, numbers, and statistics to help marketers run better campaigns. And client reporting has always been an afterthought. Different platforms offer different solutions, some in the form of exporting raw data, and some just offering rows and rows of URLs or titles with numbers. 

Throughout all these years we have seen the kind of effort that goes behind creating content. It is quite obvious, sending a simple dashboard of charts and numbers to paying customers doesn’t do the sponsored campaigns justice. So, marketers and publishers end up pulling all this data from different content and analytics tools/dashboards and spend hours on end on Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to build out a report for advertisers that would not only show the performance numbers for a sponsored campaign but also showcase their branding and content effort; creating a content catalog for the campaign with a summary of the metrics that they want to highlight for the advertiser.

So when one of our clients came to us with this problem, we started scouring the internet for a possible solution. After a failed attempt at finding a comprehensive campaign reporting tool, we decided to take a stab at solving the problem. One year later, that attempt became Momently Campaign Reporting platform. 

Presentation-ready campaign reports made possible by content catalog

What is Momently Campaign Reporting? Momently collates all your content (social, native, ads, etc) along with their performance metrics and lets you build a report/catalogue with just a few clicks. Rather than leaving you to search with individual platforms and tools for content and data, Momently offers it all in one place. Everything gets stored and constantly updated, and nothing ever gets lost. You can almost think of it as both a search engine and a reporting tool for your media - that’s all your social posts and videos, email newsletters, and even articles if you’re a digital publisher.

To design the report builder, we borrowed the best parts of our favorite tools and then added a few innovations of our own. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • One-click integration with major platforms. Custom integrations are also available. 
  • Content library 
  • Smart content finder
  • Report customization - content grouping and custom metrics
  • One-click PDF print
  • Sharable link for the live campaign report - no need to create accounts     

One-click integration. As long as you have the necessary access permission, you can connect your social/data/marketing accounts to Momently with a click of a button. Momently supports direct connections to all popular cloud applications like Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Hubspot, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and more. We keep adding more apps every day, click here for a complete up-to-date list

Don’t see your service on the list? No Problem! We offer custom integrations with any app. Just get in touch and we’ll set it up for you.

Content library. As soon as a new platform is connected to Momently, our system builds a database of all your content and data mostly through APIs. As for platforms that don’t support APIs or don’t provide enough content information through their APIs (eg. native branded content, display ads, email newsletters, etc.), our smart crawlers take screenshots of content and make it available for reporting. 

Our reporting platform isn’t just about making it easy to build campaign reports, it’s also about showcasing the work that has gone on behind the scenes. Every single marketing content within the campaign is featured in your client report. 

Smart content finder. As a busy marketer, it can be frustrating to search for every single piece of content when creating a campaign report. Momently solves this problem by uncovering related media as soon as you start adding content to the report. Our AI engine utilizes different techniques (text similarity, photo fingerprints, etc) to find similar content across multiple accounts and platforms so you don’t have to spend hours searching for content. 

Custom reports. Once the campaign report/catalog is built, you can customize it further by grouping certain content and aggregate their respective performance data. You also have the option of adding custom metrics as well as choosing which metrics to highlight in your report. 

Easy to share live dashboard along with PDF format. Every single report on Momently comes with a one-click PDF print and a sharable link to the live report. Your clients do not need to create an account or log in to Momently to view the report. As long as they have access to the link, they can see the latest numbers for their campaign. 

Our Clients

Who is Momently Campaign Reporting for? Our core clientele is media companies and digital publishers. In fact, it was DailyHive - one of Canada’s largest digital publishers that came to us with a need for a comprehensive reporting tool for their branded content team.

Earlier this year, when our private group of clients started sending out campaign reports to their brand partners and advertisers, we started hearing back from brands and agencies on how much better Momently reports are compared to what they had. Shortly after, marketing agencies started approaching us with the same need as publishers but with a not-so-small caveat: connecting not just their own accounts but the accounts of their influencer or creator network. So we decided to also add the creator network management capability to our platform and delay our product launch to provide a comprehensive campaign reporting tool for both sponsored and influencer/creator campaigns.

Creator/Influencer network management. As an agency with a cohort of influencers and creators, you don’t have to be bound to a specific influencer network to be able to build out a campaign report for your advertisers or brand partners. You can simply send an integration link to your creators or anyone you choose to work with on a campaign. Once they connect their accounts to Momently, you’d be able to report on their content. Creators have the option of providing full access to their data or limiting access to specific content within the campaign. Momently is purely a reporting tool and we do not plan on becoming an influencer marketing/networking platform. Our mission is to simplify reporting and provide creators with a safe and secure way to share their data with both agencies and brand partners.  

Our Product Launch Process 

It’s certainly the case that we took an unusual, longer-than-normal path to reach public launch. In part, that’s intentional. We wanted to get the tool far past the “Minimally Viable Product” and into the “Exceptionally Viable Product” territory. That meant spending a significant time on iterative development — building features one step at a time, launching it to a small, private group of testers, and seeing their reaction and product use over time. We added features folks wanted, removed some that didn’t work well, and tinkered with the interface. We worked with the superb team at DailyHive to analyze the results of our beta and recommend steps that needed to be taken before a public launch. The old startup adage goes “if you’re not embarrassed by your first version, you launched too late.” We rejected that nonsense, and we’re glad we did. 

Limitations of Momently’s Campaign Reporting V1

The first version of this tool is, we think, fairly remarkable, but far from perfect. Here are some of the most requested features from our clients … 

  • A more comprehensive benchmark reporting
  • Advertiser/Client dashboard with a list of all their campaigns 
  • More granular customization for reporting 
  • More integrations are always a work in progress ;)

We’re always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to get better, so please don’t hesitate to drop a line to if you’ve got ideas for us.

We hope you’ll give Momently’s campaign reporting a spin and start building reports that your clients deserve, reports that showcase your work and highlight the effort that has gone into creating the content. 

What’s next for Momently? 

Does this talk about Momently’s new campaign reporting platform mean we have forgotten about data analytics? Far from it. As a matter of fact, we’re working on our next-gen editorial analytics platform and are quite excited with the progress. Stay tuned and let us know (at if you want to be part of the testing cohort for a set of new content tools.

P.S. Momently might look like a two-person effort, but that’s far from reality. We would like to extend huge thanks to the folks who helped make this product and company happen, including our advisors, consultants, awesome clients, and our patient, loving, ever-supportive partners. Thank you all!