Drive engagement and reader loyalty with AI-driven content APIs

Momently’s technology automatically starts measuring and tracking your content archive, and our AI-powered API starts serving personalized, customized content immediately.


Make new experiences for your readers

Our APIs lets your product team to query for any combination of reader data and content attributes to make new custom experiences for readers - like most-popular content module for a certain topic in a specific geographical location.


{ "data": [ { "title": "Ipods And Crime" "url": "", "author": "Kevin Black", "section": "Technology", "pub_date": "2012-02-20T19:08:00Z", "tags": ["apple", "ipod", "crime"] }, // other similar JSON documents...] ] }

Boost recirculation with related content

Our AI engine considers content relevancy, reader behavior, and more. Fine-tune your content recommendations based off content attributes and your company metrics for maximum business impact.


Let your readers search everything, anywhere

Easily implement powerful, modern search experiences for your readers. Quickly add pre-tuned search to your website and let users search it all, simply.