Our mission is to ensure the work you do makes the impact it deserves

Momently is an all-in-one analytics & reporting platform for digital publishers, agencies and creators. We empower our customers to grow their businesses with simple, intuitive, and effective platforms. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in beautiful British Columbia, Momently is 100% founder-owned and profitable.


Courtesy of The zebra movement

Bootstrapped and independent

We’re a different kind of tech startup. Our goal is to be more of a zebra than a unicorn. We believe in organic, profitable growth. We'd rather be the best product in our space than the biggest company.

Momently has always been bootstrapped, fiercely independent and fully self-funded by Hamed Madani and Milad Gougani. We don't have investors who are looking for huge returns and the only people we answer to are our customers.

We’re bootstrapped and independent, not because we have to be, but because that’s the way we like it. In fact, we’ve turned down multiple investors and we are not seeking to raise capital. We don’t need to hit a big return on investment for anyone, we’re already profitable, and we can focus solely on being sustainable.

We want to delight our customers, not investors and shareholders. We want to be human and personal in how we interact with those who trust us. We’re proud to be able to operate our business in this way, and we do it because we have the support of our favourite people … our customers.


Simple and easy-to-use software

You shouldn't need to get a certificate, a license or a multiple online lessons to be able to use a software. The goal is to make your life easier not more difficult. We are tireless in our pursuit of making our software as easy to use and simple as possible.

We offer a one-click integration with most widely used platforms. Our reporting dashboard is a single page and you can easily access all your content (native, social, ads, landing pages, newsletters, etc) in one place.

Our content analytics code snippet is tiny and helps your SEO (by increasing your page load speed). You don’t need to annoy your website visitors with an invasive cookie popup. Our support isn’t laced with nerdy jargon. You can bypass ad-blockers and see the entirety of your stats.

Send us a note and we'd be more than happy to show what we mean about simple and easy.


Latest and greatest technology

Momently is an enterprise grade platform built for security, reliability, and data privacy. We’re hosted on a distributed, global content delivery network (CDN) with edge locations in every global region - deployed on AWS Amazon to meet the highest standards for reliability - and to ensure integrity of your data.

Our systems process over a billion events per months and report in realtime (without data sampling). In addition our analytics platform provides sophisticated data profiling capabilities to detect and remove traffic from bots and spiders.