A smarter way to do reporting for sponsored campaigns

Our cross-channel reporting platform gives you the ability to create reports that shows your impact and delights you clients.


Automate your workflow

Stop spending countless hours on multiple platforms manually building complex reports. Create custom branded reports and automate your reporting to share accurate and up to date insights with your clients.


All your content at your fingertips

Get instant access to all your content in seconds. You can access and report on social posts, google and Facebook ads, as well as native content as soon as they go live.

  • Articles from your native site
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics
  • Email newsletters
  • Social posts including instagram stories

Access benchmark reports with a click of a button

Get unique insights and stand out amongst other publishers. Impress your clients with data and customizable benchmark reports.


Create sponsored campaign reports in seconds

Momently’s platform automatically creates presentation ready snippets from your content - social posts, email newsletters, articles, google ads, etc. This means you can showcase your work rather than just showing rows after rows of numbers and charts.


Your reports, your way

Custom metrics ensure the data you’re presenting to your clients is exactly what you and your clients want. You can even add metrics that are not available through APIs such as instagram story swipe-ups.


Instant data & content service connections + custom connectors

Easy to add services to get you to your reports without any coding knowledge. (More services added weekly!)

You can connect to every data source in your team’s tech stack. Our integrations are not one-size-fits-all. We work in close partnership with our clients to build out custom connectors with other tools, including tools that are proprietary to the brand.


Even more ways to revolutionize the way you work with data

Content Analytics

Easily visualize the performance of your content across all your platforms and channels so you can know exactly how to best engage with your readers.

Content APIs

Momently’s technology automatically starts measuring and tracking your content archive, and our AI-powered API starts serving personalized, customized content immediately.

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